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Title /
music? creation date Filesize # of photos length (time)
Controlled Burn @ Street Vibrations
Reno, NV
none September 24th, 2009 44 MB ~1,950 1:21
Tent Building
2005 EJC settings up big circus tents (in the rain!)
Calliope - Good Old Summer Time August 12th, 2005 29 MB ~1,600 1:53
Pflasterspektakel Sign-up Area
Pflasterspektakel Sign-up area @ the Uni
none July 19th, 2006 33 MB 6,538 4:32
Moon In The Clouds
Full moon lighting the night sky.
WARNING: HD resolution! May cause your system to explode! :)
nada September 4th, 2006 9 MB ~2,000 1:15
Sun coming up.
Sun going down.
WARNING: HD resolution! Not all systems can play this!
Stud - Sophy July 9th, 2006 35 MB 2,256 2:15
VJ Culture @ St. Pölten
Party to promote VJs and their 'culture'...
Braces Tower - El Fuego March 18th, 2005 49 MB 3,774 3:10
A Day in Wales
A (cold) day of clouds and sun from my lovely hotel room in Llandudno, North Wales.
not yet, any ideas? :) January 26th, 2006 41 MB 9,999 5:36
Urban Art Forms Festival 2005
Thanks to Urban Art Forms (and meph ;) for this maaaaassive outdoor drum n bass + techno festival in the boondocks of Austria (wiesen).
Somethin definately NOT to be missed by any electronic muzak headz ;)
This take is from the techno room... (the dnb room was MUCH smaller but MUCH fuller and MUCH hotter = bad 4 camera! =)
not yet, any ideas? :) August 5-7th, 2005 55 MB 10,030 7:25
Fire Dance Festival, day 1
FeuerCircus' Fire Dance Festival in the Granite Arena. This is only the first evening's activities... :)
no July 13th, 2005 14 MB 3,015 1:59
Downtown San Francisco
Downtown San Francisco as viewed from my hotel room on the 24th floor...
YES! May 21st, 2005 26 MB ~4,600 3:00
Sumo Beats @ Subzero
Made in Subzero during our Sumo Beats party! YA!!
DJs are: LoKee, Alexate and glenneroo.
YES! April 8th, 2005 67 MB 956 10:30
Fire People, Happy People, Chapter 1
Chapter 1: still a work in progress!!!
Made in Graz during InFire's 2004 Festival of Fiery Arts, some more pictures you can see here. 5,200 shots total, once every 5-secs, running from noon until midnight!
Music by Mo-Seph
YES! March 23rd, 2005 105 MB 2,662 11:42
Fenfire Training
Fenfire, Laura and myself doing some fire and juggling training... from 10pm til 4am! Btw that's Brooke on the tables providing some fine tunes for us all :)
YES!! March 19th, 2005 40 MB 2,005 5:34
storm @ home
This is an experiment with using a transition between every image to allow for smooth viewing pleasure... ;)
nope. January 6th, 2005 22 MB 1,822 3:02
Weihnachtsfest v2
During a christmas party somewhere in 1050 Vienna... ;)
YES! December 24th, 2004 70 MB 634 4:54
Festival of Fiery Arts, Friday chill-out
This is still a work in progress!!! Not yet synchronized with music.
Made in Graz during InFire's annual Festival of Fiery Arts, some pictures you can see here
not yet. september? 2004 99 MB 1,055 11:42
tabacco clouds, v3
Aufgenommen im Schwarzwald, Süddeutschland. Tag nach einer Hochzeit, hintergrund sind Tabakpflanzen, Sturmwolken und lustige Verwandten. :) Hochzeitsbilder finden Sie hier
Taken in Schwarzwald (Black Forest, South Germany) day after a wedding. Background consists of Tabacco plants, storm clouds and funny relatives :) Pictures can be found here
Music by Nightmares On Wax
YES! Sept. 27th, 2004 31 MB 2,512 5:54
dying flower
Hibiscus flower that bloomed at my co-workers desk. Shot every 5 seconds for about 12 hours. Yes, this is relatively normal for some flowers to shrivel up overnight. I tried doing another series of her friend blooming, but leaving a lamp on 24/7 stressed her out and she never really bloomed. :(
nope. Sept. 16th, 2004 9 MB 1,062 1:39
sundown at work
Shot from within the Lugner City, Vienna.
nope. August 31st, 2004 4 MB 518 0:35
storm at work
Taken from Lugner City, Vienna on a rather cloudy day...
nope. August 24th, 2004 14 MB 1,658 1:57
13th nightfall
Shot from Höhenberg overlooking 13th (right 1/3) and 14th (left) districts in Vienna.
nope. August 22nd, 2004 22 MB 2,733 1:31
sunday @ the cabin
Shot somewhere in Styria, Austria while at a cabin (Griasmoarhütte).
nope. May 30th, 2004 18 MB 3,453 2:45
Day-time chill-out @ Waldviertel
Relaxing day at a cabin in Waldviertel, Austria with jugglers, face-painters and everybody else, preparing for a fire-show at night. About half-way into filming, it started raining, first lightly then progressing to a very uncomfortable mush, which explains why as the film nears its end, people start to hide.
YEP! May 15th, 2004 35 MB 1,014 2:43
@ Work v1 nope. May 12th, 2004 10 MB
The Storm v1 nope. May 9th, 2004 16 MB 1:26
Moving Clouds v3 nope. May 2004 20 MB 1:30
Rising Moon nope. May 4th, 2004 14 MB 1:36


Title /
music? creation date File- size
wots this about?
Not finished. Never will be.
Sonja and i worked on this for quite a long time, unfortunately it's not very easy to work with steel sponges as they wobble around a lot and don't stay in place. The idea was cool (at the time) though... ;)
Music by Constant Pressure
YEP! ...2003... 4 MB
Bob the Alien
Sonja and my first production. We spent quite a few hours and learned quite a bit about claymation through this project. Lighting sucks, background sucks, everything actually kinda sucks, but it's still pretty funny (at least the first time around :)
It's a spider smoking in case you were wondering...
nope. ...2003... 7 MB
Snakes Unterwegs
Alex and my first creation... a major improvement over previous projects, but still not exactly a smashing success. ;)
nope. ...2003... 3 MB

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